Press Release: Sigma Kappa Ultra Violet Carnival

This is a press release that I sent as the officer of Public Relations to news stations and local radio to promote biannual Sigma Kappa philanthropy event.SigmaKappaUltraVioletCarnivalPressRelease.png


UNO News Story: Sigma Kappa Carnival Fundraiser

Sigma Kappa

The University of Nebraska at Omaha sorority, Sigma Kappa, is hosting a carnival for Alzheimer’s disease Saturday, April 22, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Lake Zorinsky.

The event is part of Sigma Kappa sorority’s biannual ultra violet campaign to raise money for Alzheimer’s disease research and awareness. Tickets are $12 and the price includes hot dogs, chips, a drink and five carnival game tickets. There will be a silent auction raffle and dessert bake sale along with carnival games at the event.

All proceeds from the event will go to the Sigma Kappa foundation, which donates a portion of the donations to directly benefit Alzheimer’s care, support, and research.

The event is open to the public, is family-friendly and parking is free at the event. To find out more information visit:

CommUNO Event Flier Design

UNO First Ammendment Flyer2This is a flier design that I created for the UNO School of Communication’s First Amendment dialogue event. The design was printed in 8.5 x 11 posters and 4.25 x 5.5 handouts to promote the event and week and a half before the event.

Stress Relief and Anxiety in College Students

pexels-photo-256517.jpegAbout one in every five adults in America experience a mental illness. Anxiety is categorized as a psychological disorder and is one of the most common in college-age students and is caused by overwhelming amounts of stress.

Stress is a normal part of life and is caused by many different things but impacts people in different ways. Most common stressors in young adults include:

  • Moving out for the first time
  • Roommates
  • Learning how to handle things on our own
  • Test anxiety
  • Balancing work and school
  • Time management

Graduate assistant at the University of Nebraska at Omaha accessibility services center, Stephanie Hengen, says “A lot of times we all feel anxious like if we’re going into a new situation or if we’re doing something that’s kind of outside of what we are used to doing.”

The real problem is when stress becomes out of hand and panic sets in for an extended period. This would be an example of Anxiety Disorder.

Symptoms of anxiety can be minor changes but can range from extreme changes. Common noticeable symptoms of anxiety include:

  • rapid heart beat
  • reduced ability to concentrate
  • restlessness
  • a lessened appetite
  • insomnia
  • drop in motivation and energy levels

Hengen says to reduce the likelihood of stress and anxiety attacks, stress reduction is crucial. “In order to relieve stress, you really need to find what works best for you and try to implement that in your daily life.”

Some of the most common ways to relieve stress include:

  • exercising
  • playing with pets
  • drawing
  • listening to music
  • going to church

To reduce stress levels and prevent anxiety try out these stress relief techniques in your daily routine.

Art Therapist Teaches Stress Reduction Through Creative Expression


Last Friday, March 10, UNO disability awareness agency (NDA) hosted the first ever “Art Against Anxiety” event to raise awareness for disability awareness month.

About one in every five adults in America experience a mental health illness. Anxiety is categorized as a psychological disorder and is one of the most common in college-age students.

At the event, a licensed art therapist taught a group of fifteen students creative ways to reduce stress. The artist taught students how to use oil pastels to create a visual journal and colorful mandala art.

Mandala means “circle” in the language of Hinduism and is meant to represent universal wholeness and a spiritual connection. The process of creating mandalas can be a very calming activity in times of stress.

The art therapist walked the class through an art meditation sequence to allow the drawing to become a more calming and creative experience. Stephanie Hengen, disability awareness agency (NDA) advisor says

“She had on relaxing music in the background and we did all sorts of different techniques and she walked us through a meditation.”

Hengen says that these kinds of events are a big step at UNO and thinks that stress relief is something very valuable to educate students on, whether or not they experience diagnosed anxiety.

“I think that it is very important, it doesn’t need to be something that takes a lot of time, but is specific to that person.”

With the UNO School of Communication, I’m Cassidy Conrad.

UNO Hosts First Disability Awareness Month

The University of Nebraska at Omaha is hosting the first ever disability awareness month. The accessibility services center and the network for disability awareness agency are teaming up to host four on-campus events for students. These events will run throughout March to bring awareness and promote inclusion at UNO.

Stephanie Hengen, is the graduate assistant at the center and advisor for the agency. She says that she is excited to see what these events might do for the campus atmosphere.

“We have a lot more students with disabilities on campus than what you might see. I think there’s a lot of stigma associated with having disability or illness. We’re just trying to break that stigma.”

The “Allies for Inclusion Abilities Exhibit” was held in Criss Library last Thursday and had around 150 students attend.

This Friday, March 10, the organizations will host an “Art Against Anxiety” event guided by an art therapist in Milo Bail Aksarben room from 6 to 8 p.m. This event will be teaching students how to relieve stress through art and visual journaling.

On March 14, the ASC will be hosting an “Accessibili-TEA” event in CPACS 132D from 12 to 1 p.m. Tea and cookies will be provided.

On March 31, the NDA is hosting a wheelchair basketball tournament in HPER 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. They are looking for teams of five to eight people. Registration must be completed on MavSYNC and includes a free t-shirt for players.

Hengen says this is a big step in UNO’s history.

“There are a lot of people who think that someone with a disability is just someone in a wheelchair, there are a lot of invisible disabilities as well.”
If you are interested in these events, check out the Network for Disability Awareness Agency’s events page on Mavsync to learn more about disability awareness month.

UNO Hosts First Annual Dance Marathon on Campus

dm-footer.jpgImage may contain: text


University of Nebraska at Omaha student involvement replaces “Greek Week” with the first ever UNO Dance Marathon.

Dance Marathon is a nationwide event where participants register to dance for several hours straight to benefit Children’s Miracle Network.

Dustin Wolfe, assistant director of fraternity and sorority life, says that “Greek Week” was losing popularity with student organizations.

“The students came to me and wanted to get rid of it. It was competition for the sake of competition without really understanding what we are doing.”

Greek students decided to put their energy into benefitting the community instead of playing games.

Wolfe says that he and the students were inspired by a news story touting Penn State University’s Dance Marathon, shortened to be called just “THON”. They wanted to make the same impact in the Omaha community.

“We have people on campus, who work on campus, whose families benefit directly from Children’s Miracle Network.”

UNO Dance Marathon has over 200 registered dancers for the event on April 1st. The event will be held in Milo Bail student center from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Registration is open to the public and is 20 dollars per dancer.

Wolfe says that student involvement is looking forward to making UNO Dance Marathon an annual event.

“I’m excited that it’s something new that can become a tradition on campus. I’m excited to see the relationships between the community and student population.”

Nebraska Parks Enjoying Unseasonably Warm Weather

Nebraskans got a little taste of summer this past weekend. Parts of Nebraska saw unseasonably warm weather with temperatures of up to 75 degrees Fahrenheit this February.

With families wanting to come enjoy the nice weather, Nebraska State Parks definitely saw the impact as their parks quickly filled with visitors.Superintendent of Eugene T. Mahoney State Park, Jake Rodiek, says the campgrounds were the most popular activity.

“Camping has been a big hit this last weekend with the nice weather. We’ve had a lot of campers come out and enjoy it as well.”

The camping isn’t the only popular activity this weekend. The park’s activities center at Eugene T. Mahoney State Park was packed with children and families The hiking trails saw several groups of visitors and picnic pavilions hosted family potlucks and kickball games nearby. The ice rink, on the contrary was a lonely pool of water.  

Rodiek says with this weather, park staff is really looking forward to start their new Summer season.

“In our peak season, a lot of our other activities, or amenities, starts on Memorial Day. As always, we do enjoy having people come out to utilize the park.”

While State Parks have no plans to start their seasonal hours early, it looks like Nebraska might be up for an early Spring this year.


News Story Clip : Radon Advisory


Nebraska residents’ health may be at risk from radon exposure, especially children. Radon is a cancer-causing radioactive gas that has been recorded in high levels in Nebraska. According to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services website, radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers and claims over 20,000 lives annually.

NDHHS provides free testing kits and recommends that families are regularly testing their radon levels. Homes with radon levels above NDHHS guidelines (4 pCi/L) should be mitigated immediately to reduce health risks.