Conrad Photography Visual Identity

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Conrad photography logo

This is the visual identity and logos for Conrad Photography, my mom and I’s amateur photography “business”.  The designs are what are featured on our Facebook pages and any stationery we send. It is a split photo of photos that we each took of each other and I spliced together to make us appear to be standing next to

The design is a split photo with separate photos that we each took of each other at one of the events that we shot at and I spliced together to make us appear to be standing next to each other. I feel that it gives us a more family kind of feeling as opposed to a collage of photos like several other photography pages I have seen. The logo is very simple with the focus being our last name. Overall I feel these designs were very successful in creating a consistent brand identity.


UNO Goodrich Scholarship

In Spring 2014 after months of applications, essays, placement exams, and an interview I was accepted into the UNO Goodrich Scholarship Program. As a Goodrich Scholar I receive full tuition for the four years leading up to my degree.

I was also able to take a Goodrich-specific learning curriculum of honors English Composition II, Perspectives of American Culture, Autobiographical Reading/Writing, Social Issues and Introduction to Psychology. These classes were taught by Goodrich’s chosen professors who challenged us in class and provided an extra element of wisdom and cultural awareness to the average UNO degree.

I am forever thankful for this amazing scholarship opportunity. Receiving this scholarship and being a member of the Goodrich community is the major deciding factor me to attend college at UNO.

UNO Maverick Cheer 2014-2016

In Spring 2014 I was given the opportunity to cheer for the UNO Mavericks. I was on the quad for my Freshman and Sophomore year at UNO. As a UNO Cheerleader, I managed time efficiently to promote the school by attending

  • 15 campus/ sporting events each month as the face of UNO Cheer
  • several charity and community events, approximately twice a month volunteering as the face of the University
  • two to three practices a week
  • outside time for physical training, learning choreography as well as performing at required events

In my two years as a UNO Cheerleader I learned a lot about school promotion, how to maintain professionalism at all times and how to express myself creatively through dance and choreography. I loved my time as a UNO Cheerleader, but chose to move on to new leadership roles in my job and sorority at the end of my second year to better myself in a professional standpoint.


Millard South Cheer was a huge part of my life during my high school career. It taught me so much about teamwork, dedication and, most importantly, about myself.

The most rewarding moments by far were hearing Millard South called up for Class A Non- Tumbling State Champions for both of my years on Varsity. Having all of our hard work as a team validated by scoring the highest in the state was the best feeling in the world. I cheered at Millard South all four years of high school on Freshman, Junior Varsity, and Varsity.

Photography Background

Photography is one of my most-loved hobbies. As a visual- oriented person I have always loved how a photo can really capture a moment forever.

My mom, Cindy Conrad, really got me into photography at a young age after using an old digital camera to photograph family events and document my childhood. Today, her and I are “amateur photographer” with a side “business”(much more of a hobby) but have shot photos are several events such as weddings and senior portraits. Check out our Facebook Page: Conrad Photography

I am still very much a amateur but I am constantly improving as I go. I love any opportunity I can get to learn more about photography. Someday I hope to shoot portraits for magazines and online social media.