Psychedelic Style Poster Design


This psychedelic poster design is a piece that I created as a part of my Graphic Design course at UNO. For this assignment, we chose a local event and venue to promote using the psychedelic movement for inspiration.

For this design, my goal was to create a design that reflected the artistic style of the Omaha Summer Arts Festival through the fun colors and movement. The 60’s- inspired text used in the design was all hand created either using my drawings with a sharpie marking or with the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator.  I used the paintbrush tool to carry out a bright painted- almost watercolor style and added dimension by pairing colors together radiating out of the sun illustration.

Overall I think my design is very successful in representing the psychedelic style and movement and fits well with the modern day art festival vibe and style. I am really proud of this piece.


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