Book Cover Redesign- Tilt Book Cover Redesign- PerfectBook Cover Redesign- Identical

My purpose in redesigning the covers of the Ellen Hopkins series is to hit a different target audience and motivate young adults to read her unique style of poetry books by using contemporary designs, fonts, and colors that are not too feminine and appeal to a wider variety of readers.

In my design for Tilt, I chose the contrasting colors of a deep red and light blue. The broken heart is representing the overarching theme in the book; dangerous relationships and stories of broken love. The characters in the book are young adults of varying lifestyles going through their first love and all of the heartache that comes from unconventional love and deals with adult themes of dangerous situations that young adults sometimes find themselves in. The shards of the hard nod at the darker nature of the stories in the series.
In my design for Identical, I chose to use a bright green with a deep gradient, and variations of a very deep, almost black, navy with a very light blue for the glass itself. The looking glass embodies the feeling of seeing your reflection in an out-of-body way. In the book, the story is focused around a set of twins that are identical yet in stark contrast. A main theme throughout the story focuses on the split personalities of the characters that are broken after a fatal car crash. 

In my design for Perfect, I chose the bright red and contrasting purple that resembles a traditional school color scheme and has a balance of color that is unisex although the story is primarily focused on the lives of young women. The megaphone imagery represents the main characters that are high school cheerleaders struggling to give off a perfect image while their lives are falling apart.


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