DESIGN SAMPLE: Guide to Panhellenic Sororities Brochure

UNO Panhellenic Council BrochureUNO Panhellenic Council Brochure 2This is brochure layout that I designed as a part of an assignment in my Public Relations Principles class while I was Panhellenic Delegate of Sigma Kappa Sorority. This is a brochure guide for the Panhellenic sororities at UNO.

For this design, my goal was to make an eye-catching brochure that reflected the fun atmosphere of sorority recruitment and wasn’t specific to a theme. My goal is to appeal to the collegiate woman as the audience so I chose to incorporate bright pastels and font that is more stylized than a more traditional sans serif. Each color that was chosen represents one of the colors of the organizations and visually reflects the image of the group. I used the National Panhellenic Conference logo on the front to establish a focal point that ties in the opening page in a visually attractive way. I used rounded edge rectangle shapes for the color instead of full blown color pages to keep a cleaner look to the design.


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