UNO Hosts First Annual Dance Marathon on Campus

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University of Nebraska at Omaha student involvement replaces “Greek Week” with the first ever UNO Dance Marathon.

Dance Marathon is a nationwide event where participants register to dance for several hours straight to benefit Children’s Miracle Network.

Dustin Wolfe, assistant director of fraternity and sorority life, says that “Greek Week” was losing popularity with student organizations.

“The students came to me and wanted to get rid of it. It was competition for the sake of competition without really understanding what we are doing.”

Greek students decided to put their energy into benefitting the community instead of playing games.

Wolfe says that he and the students were inspired by a news story touting Penn State University’s Dance Marathon, shortened to be called just “THON”. They wanted to make the same impact in the Omaha community.

“We have people on campus, who work on campus, whose families benefit directly from Children’s Miracle Network.”

UNO Dance Marathon has over 200 registered dancers for the event on April 1st. The event will be held in Milo Bail student center from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Registration is open to the public and is 20 dollars per dancer.

Wolfe says that student involvement is looking forward to making UNO Dance Marathon an annual event.

“I’m excited that it’s something new that can become a tradition on campus. I’m excited to see the relationships between the community and student population.”


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