Nebraska Parks Enjoying Unseasonably Warm Weather

Nebraskans got a little taste of summer this past weekend. Parts of Nebraska saw unseasonably warm weather with temperatures of up to 75 degrees Fahrenheit this February.

With families wanting to come enjoy the nice weather, Nebraska State Parks definitely saw the impact as their parks quickly filled with visitors.Superintendent of Eugene T. Mahoney State Park, Jake Rodiek, says the campgrounds were the most popular activity.

“Camping has been a big hit this last weekend with the nice weather. We’ve had a lot of campers come out and enjoy it as well.”

The camping isn’t the only popular activity this weekend. The park’s activities center at Eugene T. Mahoney State Park was packed with children and families The hiking trails saw several groups of visitors and picnic pavilions hosted family potlucks and kickball games nearby. The ice rink, on the contrary was a lonely pool of water.  

Rodiek says with this weather, park staff is really looking forward to start their new Summer season.

“In our peak season, a lot of our other activities, or amenities, starts on Memorial Day. As always, we do enjoy having people come out to utilize the park.”

While State Parks have no plans to start their seasonal hours early, it looks like Nebraska might be up for an early Spring this year.



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