This is a Facebook promotional banner that I designed for my mother and I’s Photography Facebook page, Conrad Photography. This is a side “business”, much more of a hobby, that we do. We take photos of events, weddings, graduation parties, head shots and senior portraits.

For this design, my goal is to motivate potential clients to book a photo shoot appointment with us. I used our logo at the top to establish branding and recognition to our page. I chose a dark black background to highlight the photos and allow them to become the focal point to show our work. I chose to use color association by repeating the turquoise color found in the photobooth picture in the logo, contact email, and Facebook logo to create eye flow.

Overall I feel that is a successful design because it showcases a lot of what we do in a simple and elegant way without much need for text.



Alzheimer’s Infographic

This is an infographic of facts and figures about Alzheimer’s Disease that I designed as a part of my Public Relations and Advertising Design class at UNO. For this assignment, we were asked to create a statistically based infographic to communicate information in a visually appealing way.

I chose to focus on Alzheimer’s Disease because I personally volunteer and fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association as a part of my sorority, Sigma Kappa. After losing my grandfather, although he only had dementia as opposed to full-blown Alzheimer’s, I saw the effects first-hand and saw the pain he felt losing so much of himself because of the disease. This disease and this philanthropy mean a lot to me.

For this design, my goal was to motivate adults to get involved in in the fight against Alzheimer’s. I did not include the Alzheimer’s Association logo because that would’ve violated my assignments description, however, it would be very important to include in the circumstance that this was a sponsored infographic to solicit donations.

I chose the rich purple to reflect the official color of the Alzheimer’s Association and the ribbon for Alzheimer’s awareness. I used a bold sans serif font and created a visual hierarchy with the pops of white on black type. The circles in the design allow the information to be chunked in a visually attractive way that doesn’t overwhelm the reader.

Overall I feel this design was successful. It was used on my sorority’s social media page to promote the upcoming 2016 Walk to End  Alzheimer’s.

Design Samples: Graduation Party Slides


Conrad Photography- Graduation Party Designs

This is a series of visual pieces that I designed as for a client’s high school graduation party. At this event, my mother and I were hired as photographers to take photos of the event’s guest and create a fun photo booth for them. Check out the photo booth photos here.

For these design, my goal was to create a cohesive brand for the video and photo slideshow shown to guests and also on the CDs that were given to the family after the event. These pieces were made to visually follow the party’s color scheme and style. I used a black, white and pink color scheme with semitransparent circles superimposed over photographs I took at the event venue. I chose to use a script and sans serif font to create a fun yet sophisticated combination.  Overall I feel that they are successful pieces.


Creative Visual Typography- Olympic Champion


This is a visual typography piece that I designed as a part of my Public Relations and Advertising Design class at UNO. For this assignment, I was given the words “Olympic Champion” and told to make a visual design using only type and color.

For this design, my goal was visually connecting the words “Olympic Champion” to easily associated symbols with the Olympic Games. I chose the use the traditional Olympic rings superimposed over an outline of a torch. I chose to use an orange flame to create a balance between the colors of the rings as opposed to reusing the yellow and red used in the ring design. I chose to use the font “Herculanum” because it is thin enough to allow legibility and because the style is inspired by traditional Greek lettering and hints to the origin of the Olympics history.  I had a lot of fun making this design and am proud of the overall look.