Omaha hit by huge snow storm

The Omaha area has been receiving more snow than expected in the early months of 2016. This week, a huge snow storm covered parts of Nebraska in several inches of snow. Almost all schools and businesses were shut down to keep people safe from the icy roads. Omaha Resident, Nick Rupnow, shares how he felt about the storm.

RUPNOW: “When I heard there was going to be a snow storm, I thought ‘That would be nice.’ It would be a nice relaxing couple of days away from work.”

He talks about how others reacted the night before the storm.

RUPNOW: “I see others react by going to the grocery store and bulking up on food a lot. I also work at a bar and we don’t really do much business when the weather is pretty bad.”

Rupnow also shares about his hopes for Spring.

RUPNOW: “I’m really looking forward to warmer weather. I like to go camping, just spending some time outside really listen(ing) to music.”

Now another Omaha resident, Jeff Conrad, shares how he feels about all the snow.

CONRAD:”When I heard there was a snow storm coming, the first thing I thought was how much, and if they were going to cancel schools. I was worried about my family. I’m glad that they canceled school so everybody could be safe.”

His company didn’t shut down initially, until the storm really started to pick up.
J CONRAD: “When I went to work this morning it started snowing and it was like a blizzard, so we got to go home early.”

He shares his hopes for all the snow to end.
CONRAD: “I’m really looking forward for summer to get here so we can go camping, take the dogs for a walk, go on vacations, take the camper on a couple trips, and just enjoy the warm weather.”

All the recent snow has definitely been making an impact in the Omaha area, and making us all long for Spring and Summer.

For the UNO School of Communication, I’m Cassidy Conrad.


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