Class Recap: Kyle Gravlin

KETV’s Meteorologist and reporter, Kyle Gravlin, came to speak about how he got his start in broadcasting. He says he never saw himself as a reporter, he actually was originally studying  Atmospheric Science before braking into his current role as a evening and weekend reporter for Omaha’s KETV New cast.

Gravlin started out in a small town and stressed the importance of working your way up. He paid his dues just like every reporter does before entering into the broadcast field.

Gravlin talked about some of the crazy expectations for working in TV. Today’s broadcast journalists, and all journalists for that matter, are expected to do so much more than previous generations. They are expected to know how to shoot video, do audio edit stories and video,and keep up-to-date a well-run social media accounts. Not to mention that it’s all on a deadline: it has to be perfect but it has to be fast. Being strong in technology, especially social media matters more than it ever has before. The internet is where most people get their news an the easiest way to establish a profile of credibility.

Gravlin also talks about the importance of having a thick skin. Reporters are harshly judged on not only their merit, but their appearance.Women especially are held to higher beauty standards and judged by what they do, how they act, and what they wear. The criticism is so harsh on reporters, he said that he has even received death threats because of the weather not turning out as he predicted. With KETV being on the largest news stations in the Omaha- Counsel Bluffs broadcast area, those pressures are even greater.

Gravlin also stresses the importance of internships and their ability to get your foot in the door. The relationships you build in internships can make or break your career and help you land opportunities you never could’ve predicted. So basically work hard, pay your dues, do quality work, make connections and you can get to wherever you need to go.



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