Student Perspective: UNO Men’s Basketball



CONRAD: “On Friday November 13th, UNO Men’s Basketball kicked off it’s first game of the season at the Baxter arena. Maverick fans filled the seats and the student section was packed.
UNO Cheerleader Clarissa Rodriguez shares her enthusiasm about her experience.”

RODRIGUEZ: “So, being on cheer really gives me the opportunity to oversee how games play out when are at a basketball game or at a hockey game. And I really loved being able to see all the fans there and excited.”

CONRAD: “The Men’s team played UC Santa Barbara and after a good fight from both teams lost 59- 60 in the last 12 seconds of the game.”

RODRIGUEZ: “Since we dint get the outcome that we wanted at the Men’s Basketball game, it was still awesome to see all the fans be there and support and be really excited and pumped for the game. Obviously getting to be on the floor with the basketball team and cheering them on is also a great experience as well.”

CONRAD: “Clearly the Men’s basketball team is off to a great start and has a lot in store for the Mavs this year at Baxter Arena.”

RODRIGUEZ: “It’s just awesome to see everything put together and that we have the Baxter Arena to help us out with that as well. The fans are definitely excited for it and you can definitely see way more of a fan base now that we have a place to call our own.”

For the UNO School of Communication, I’m Cassidy Conrad.


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