Speaker Profile: Jodeane Brownlee

Unlike most college students who never quite “know” what they want to do with their futures, Jodeane Brownlee, of UNO School of Communication and UNO Mav Radio, always knew that she wanted to thrive in the career of broadcasting.

At the young age of 16 she was offered a radio job. She had to work overnights and long weekends and even continued this into her college classes at Morningside College. After graduation she landed a reporter/ anchor job for a TV Station. However she was doing what she had always imagined, she found out that the job had far too much pressure and unneeded stress. She decided she needed a change.

Brownlee was offered a new radio job out of town and decided to moving back to Omaha. She started attending the University of Nebraska at Omaha to go for a graduate’s degree and loved the new experience. After she received her Masters degree from UNO and had every intention to go back into radio broadcasting, however she found that she adored teaching. In fact, Brownlee enjoyed it so much that she decided to stay at UNO to become a professor to teach other students with passions just like her own. At UNO Brownlee started teaching Radio, TV Broadcasting and Journalism courses and has been ever since.

Not only is Brownlee a UNO Professor, she is also a faculty advisor for UNO’s Mav Radio. Mav Radio is a student lead radio station where they get to choose the music and content for their own show. Brownlee highly recommends Mav Radios program because it allows students all sorts of great opportunities. It allows the student reporters to make mistakes not acceptable the real world and learn before starting a professional career. Mav Radio is also a critical stepping stone to gain importance business references and real-world network connections.

Overall Brownlee stressed that in media, experience is everything.


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