Student Perspective: UNO Men’s Basketball



CONRAD: “On Friday November 13th, UNO Men’s Basketball kicked off it’s first game of the season at the Baxter arena. Maverick fans filled the seats and the student section was packed.
UNO Cheerleader Clarissa Rodriguez shares her enthusiasm about her experience.”

RODRIGUEZ: “So, being on cheer really gives me the opportunity to oversee how games play out when are at a basketball game or at a hockey game. And I really loved being able to see all the fans there and excited.”

CONRAD: “The Men’s team played UC Santa Barbara and after a good fight from both teams lost 59- 60 in the last 12 seconds of the game.”

RODRIGUEZ: “Since we dint get the outcome that we wanted at the Men’s Basketball game, it was still awesome to see all the fans be there and support and be really excited and pumped for the game. Obviously getting to be on the floor with the basketball team and cheering them on is also a great experience as well.”

CONRAD: “Clearly the Men’s basketball team is off to a great start and has a lot in store for the Mavs this year at Baxter Arena.”

RODRIGUEZ: “It’s just awesome to see everything put together and that we have the Baxter Arena to help us out with that as well. The fans are definitely excited for it and you can definitely see way more of a fan base now that we have a place to call our own.”

For the UNO School of Communication, I’m Cassidy Conrad.


Speaker Profile: Jodeane Brownlee

Unlike most college students who never quite “know” what they want to do with their futures, Jodeane Brownlee, of UNO School of Communication and UNO Mav Radio, always knew that she wanted to thrive in the career of broadcasting.

At the young age of 16 she was offered a radio job. She had to work overnights and long weekends and even continued this into her college classes at Morningside College. After graduation she landed a reporter/ anchor job for a TV Station. However she was doing what she had always imagined, she found out that the job had far too much pressure and unneeded stress. She decided she needed a change.

Brownlee was offered a new radio job out of town and decided to moving back to Omaha. She started attending the University of Nebraska at Omaha to go for a graduate’s degree and loved the new experience. After she received her Masters degree from UNO and had every intention to go back into radio broadcasting, however she found that she adored teaching. In fact, Brownlee enjoyed it so much that she decided to stay at UNO to become a professor to teach other students with passions just like her own. At UNO Brownlee started teaching Radio, TV Broadcasting and Journalism courses and has been ever since.

Not only is Brownlee a UNO Professor, she is also a faculty advisor for UNO’s Mav Radio. Mav Radio is a student lead radio station where they get to choose the music and content for their own show. Brownlee highly recommends Mav Radios program because it allows students all sorts of great opportunities. It allows the student reporters to make mistakes not acceptable the real world and learn before starting a professional career. Mav Radio is also a critical stepping stone to gain importance business references and real-world network connections.

Overall Brownlee stressed that in media, experience is everything.

UNO Homecoming Week Battleship Game


CONRAD: UNO’s Homecoming week hosts “Battleship” in HPER Pool to get students pumped for Homecoming. This is one of many events being hosted by several student organizations throughout the week for UNO students. In the game, students pair up in teams, get into canoes in the pool and violently try to sink each other in a large over-sized game of “Battleship”. UNO Student Kamisha Duncan shares her enthusiasm for the event.

DUNCAN: This is my second year competing in Battleship and I have a lot of fun with it. Its fun seeing everybody get loud and be competitive. And I especially love having the support from the girls in my chapter and competing against friends.

CONRAD: This is a popular game played by students and many look forward to getting involved, while also getting a fun night of exercise.

DUNCAN: Today was a really good way to let off steam especially this week when I have a million things due plus Homecoming. It’s also a really good workout. I got my cardio in for the day, which I definitely wouldnt’ve planned on doing.

CONRAD: Even though many groups of students attend “Battleship” games throughout the year, Homecoming week is by far the largest night of attendance for these games.

For the UNO School of Communication, I’m Cassidy Conrad.

UNO Basketball hosts “Maverick Madness”

Thursday October 29 the UNO Men’s and Women’s Basketball Teams hosted an event called “Maverick Madness” at the new Baxter Arena for fans to meet the teams, win prizes and pick up their season tickets. The event was open to students, fans, and all community members to showcase this years teams and create hype for not only the upcoming basketball season, but also the opening of Baxter Arena.

Both the Men’s and Women’s team played a 10 min scrimmage game, competed in 3-point shootouts, & a slam dunk contest. One of the students in the audience got the chance win free UNO tuition by shooting a layup, free throw, 3-point shot, and a half court shot in 45 seconds. Other Maverick fans won gift cards to the “Maverick Locker Room” where they can pick our UNO gear and accessories. They also kicked off Homecoming week by announcing all of the candidates in UNO’s Homecoming court.

Afterwards the players of both teams had a Meet and Greet with their fans. They signed autographs and took pictures with children.


UNO fans walking up to get their season passes.


UNO Cheer Team walking onto the court.


Empty seats awaiting fans arrival before the event.


UNO Men’s Basketball warming up for their scrimmage.


UNO Men’s Basketball player shoots for 3 point shot during the scrimmage game.


“The Bull Pen” sign draped over the UNO Student Section.


Overview of the crowds at Maverick Madness.


UNO Women’s Basketball Team meeting fans and signing autographs.


UNO Men’s Basketball Team meeting young fans and signing autographs.


Fans playing and checking out the Basketball Court.


Fans shooting some hoops during the Teams’ Meet and Greet.