Class Recap: Multimedia & Online Journalism

Journalists must be well versed in all types of media when working online with their stories. Multimedia aspects are key in having a modern and interesting online stories. With every event that is covered, the story should be the determinant for the best type of media and format chosen.

For most stories photography will be the strongest, however it is important to make sure that you get the best photos possible.

To do this it is recommended that you:

1.Know your camera and its functions.

Camera quality will vary between different types of lenses in high end and low end cameras. While phone cameras are getting better everyday, they can be limiting with close up and zoom. Optical zoom makes for better quality than digital zoom. There is also shutter speed to think about. Low shutter speed will allow more light in and make for better night shots but can often become blurry without the use of a tripod. Using a phone camera in the dark will almost always have a blurry outcome.

2. Compose your picture well.

The most pleasing shots utilized the rule of thirds for composition. This means placing a focal point off center to bring attention to the main object. Another great way to draw attention is using in and out of focus to make backgrounds or objects blurred and emphasize the surroundings.

3. Take lots of photos.

To get the perfect shot you must take several different shots including: Closeups, Medium shots, and Wide shots. You can never take too many pictures, unless you run out of battery of course. Make sure to charge up extra batteries and check all equipment beforehand to avoid that possibility.

4. Do not over edit your pictures.

Do not use Photoshop to change a photo into something its not,people actually get fired over that. If a photo doesn’t look real or natural it can cause a lot of problems. Editing is mainly just used to color correct and make sure that everything is as accurate as possible to its original color.   Other acceptable edits include cropping and resizing. Pic Monkey is a great website to adjust and correct photos for free.

.5. Complement with audio.

Some stories will be better suited for audio. When using a microphone it is important to be aware of background noise and echoes. Onimidirectional microphones will record from multiple directions, and cardioid microphones only work in one direction. For interviews it is best to use a cardioid microphone.

Use these tips next time and you will have much stronger photo and audio.


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