Online & Citizen Journalism

Today even new born babies and pets have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. The amount information that we share is exponential and that trend isn’t going anywhere. Online is becoming the most crucial media outlets to reach an audience and remain relevant to the times. Online Journalism has grown and become the most interactive form of news sharing and is quickly becoming the preferred norm. Companies like Huntington Post are based solely online, and kick butt at it.

For the first time the media audiences are being called “users” not just “readers”. Sharing news online has created a whole new platform for for interactivity by allowing users to post, share, and comment live. This allows the conversation around an topic to be the area of attention rather than just the report especially when controversy (such as Super Bowl Commercials) is thrown into the mix. More and more news stations start trendy #hashtags to encourage more public conversation and create web traffic. Other undeniable advantages of online media are Google Analytics that allow you to learn about the audience that visits each page, not to mention the unlimited space for stories and content.

Along with large companies, the internet is seeing a rise in citizen journalism. Citizen journalism is huge on Twitter, as it is one of the fastest ways to reach out. @MeanStreetsOMA ins a great example of local citizen journalism. This is very beneficial because citizens are there in the moment and provide crucial details that reporters can’t always grasp all while the event is still happening. However with live reactions it often creates a battle between reporting first and reporting right.

Overall, online journalism is now an essential part of the media industry and is now required of potential employees of new casting. They must be well versed and skilled at online media, staying up to date with their audience. Online journalism is doing amazing, unprecedented things with the way modern day people interact.


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