Josie Loza: The “Gateway” to a career in Journalism

Omahan Josie Loza explains the road to her journalism career in three words “Networking is key”.

Loza realized her interest in journalism during her years at Omaha Bryan High School and decided she was going to go for it. Loza’s career took off when she met the editing manager for Omaha World Herald her senior year at a conference, and got the chance to share her passion for journalism with him.

That crucial conversation led to her landing her first job at the Omaha World Herald. It also led to her meeting her best motivator Diana, the highest ranking female at the Omaha World Herald, to keep her striving to realize her potential as a young woman in the journalism field. These connections were priceless to her on her climb to her dream career.

As an employee at the World Herald, Loza was very persistent, and says that it was her biggest asset in getting her an “in” on the positions that became available.

In doing her best and taking every opportunity she could get, Loza worked her way up from the UNO Gateway as a student, to working the archives, to human writing human interest pieces, to police writing at fires, to crafting obituary columns, to sharing Omaha night life, to becoming her own writer for her, now very popular blog, Momaha.  And now as Manager of Student Publications at the UNO Gateway, she offers up her expertise to help students do just the same and realize their true potential.

“No opportunity is a missed opportunity” Loza says, ” I could’ve sat and been a column writer all my life, but I wanted more and you should too.”

Her determination to continue to better herself in her career is inspirational for women. In her strive to give others the same networking skills, Loza has created a Journalism Boot Camp for UNO’s students.

“The goal of this boot camp is to create opportunities for students to get internships like I did,” says Loza.

The boot camp is held once a month on Mondays in Eppley on campus. The first meeting will be September 28th at 6:30 p.m. For students interested in participating in the boot camp, check out The Gateway website for more information.


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